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Live Streamed Mindful Art Workshops

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This series of workshops will explore the idea of meditative drawing, to nourish our creativity while experiencing a sense of flow and calm – setting aside a space and time each week just to focus on the process of creating art. Each session you will learn a new technique or piece to create, which you can then extend on during the week.

No experience necessary, the sessions suit all skill levels – completion of previous workshops is not required.

Book classes by the term, or week by week with no commitment.

  • Guided classes – no experience necessary
  • Strictly limited numbers – small classes
  • Live streamed via Zoom
  • Interactive classes – chat and ask questions
  • Optional art kits delivered free to the Bayside area!

What’s included

  • Opening mantra/quote
  • Warm up exercise
  • Introduction to the weekly technique/idea
  • PDF Handout showing step by step instructions for the weekly technique
  • Time to create
  • Ideas for extension
  • Question time
  • Access to a private Facebook group for workshop participants
Optional art supplies kits also available, free delivery to the Bayside area!

“The meditative drawing exercises have really helped me recalibrate after a stressful day.”

- Belinda

“Although I don't have any drawing experience, I'm so happy with what I've created. The classes are so calming.“

- Annette

“I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves art irrespective of their prior experience.“

- Shweta

“When Amy offered to run the meditative drawing workshop I jumped straight in. I cannot wait for the next lesson!“

- Miranda

“I felt very relaxed, and this is really what I wanted after a busy week at work and two homeschooling kids.“

- Shweta


Online (interstate and international students welcome)


$25 per class casual
$19 per class by the term
Art supplies are also available

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