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Art as Meditation Online Workshops

Live Streamed Art as Mindfulness Workshops

Looking for a new way to experience downtime and destress? Use art as meditation – sessions are simple, guided, and extremely fulfilling! No experience necessary, the sessions suit all skill levels – completion of previous workshops is not required.

Strictly limited numbers – small classes
Live streamed – not pre-recorded
Interactive classes – chat and ask questions
Optional art kits delivered free to the Bayside area!

This series of workshops will explore the idea of meditative drawing, to nourish our creativity while experiencing a sense of flow and calm – setting aside a space and time each week just to focus on the process of creating art. Each session you will learn a new technique or piece to create, which you can then extend on during the week.

New workshops beginning for Terms 3 & 4! New participants very welcome. Book a full term, or just the weeks and times that suit you.

Click here for kid’s workshops.

Each workshop includes

  • Opening mantra/guidance
  • Warm up exercise
  • Introduction to the weekly technique/idea
  • Step by step instructions for the weekly technique
  • Time to create
  • Ideas for extension
  • Question time

Optional art supplies kits also available when you sign up, delivered free to the Bayside area!

“I’ve been really enjoying the meditative drawing workshops, after a really stressful day they have been such a great way to relax.”

Term 3

Term 4