Art as Meditation Downloadable Tutorials


Downloadable Instructional PDFs

Explore the idea of meditative drawing in your own time, with these step-by-step guides. Each PDF contains instructions to complete the piece, as well as ideas for extension.

Meditative art pieces usually involve sections of repetitive movement, or areas we can bring our curiosity to. By focussing on the line as it is drawn, or colour as it is painted, thoughts and goings on from the day can become quieter.

These step-by-step guides take you through the process of creating these pieces, but please feel free to explore your creativity and add your own ideas as you go – these are suggestions only, and everyone’s art is different.

“The meditative drawing exercises have really helped me recalibrate after a stressful day.”

- Belinda

“Although I don't have any drawing experience, I'm so happy with what I've created. The classes are so calming.“

- Annette

“I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves art irrespective of their prior experience.“

- Shweta

“When Amy offered to run the meditative drawing workshop I jumped straight in. I cannot wait for the next lesson!“

- Miranda

“I felt very relaxed, and this is really what I wanted after a busy week at work and two homeschooling kids.“

- Shweta


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